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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I did this painting for my Dad-his little dog, Crackers.

Watercolor #11

This was my last large watercolor. I painted twelve fairly large pieces all one summer in about six weeks time. This is, I think, my favorite although my daughter has one I like, too.

Watercolor #10

This is the painting my daughter has-probably my second favorite of the series of watercolors I did. The picture is not very good-I didn't have the time to remove it from the glassed frame so there is a glare on it from background objects. I think you can see it okay, though.

Watercolor #9

Watercolor #7

Watercolor #6

Watercolor #5

Watercolors #3 and #4

Watercolor #2

These first three watercolors were done with poor grade watercolors and inexpensive paper. You can really tell the difference when I purchased better materials for the last paintings. I could certainly tell while painting.

Watercolor Series #1